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Hoefle, Phoenix, Gormley & Roberts, P.A. is a full service law firm predicated on client service. Founded in 1989, with well over a century of combined legal experience, their attorneys specialize in litigation, corporate, commercial, environmental, real estate, bankruptcy and municipal law, practicing throughout the state. Their clients include a wide variety of businesses – both new and emerging, insurance companies, lenders and individuals.



Modern Machines

We had the opportunity to talk with Laura Delisle of HPGR about why they chose Formax for their printing solutions. They were preparing to open a new location and were in need of an updated printer with improved features. The machine they had wasn’t big enough for their everyday printing demands as well as the footprint for their new building. Formax was able to evaluate their needs and put them into a new solution of copiers. “We absolutely enjoyed talking with Formax,” Delisle said, “They gave us great price quotes and had the updated copiers that our company needed.”

Money-Saving Opportunity
HPGR is now in a better printing situation with their new Formax MFP. The MX-6240N is a robust machine. It’s a very high speed, high powered piece of equipment that doesn’t break down. Because of the superb quality and color it produces, HPGR is now able to bring some of their outsourced marketing in-house, saving them money. “We can now print professional quality pieces right here on site,”  Delisle said.

HPGR is utilizing many of the convenient features the MX-6240N has to offer. “There are a lot of features on this machine that our older one did not have,” Delisle explained. Some of these features include the easy-to-use 10″ customizable tablet based interface, and the ability to preview documents and make changes before printing with electronic white-out and crop and rotate. It also has the ability to print on a range of paper sizes. “Now we are able to print multiple size documents. We can take several stacks of different size paper and print them all at once,” Delisle said.In addition, Formax helped HPGR with a piece of software called SharpDesk which allows them to scan documents and convert the scanned PDF to a Word Document which they can then manipulate, saving them time. “This feature is great,” Delisle said, “It’s easy to use. I had to change a PDF into a Word Document and it did a really good job switching over the information accurately.”

Customer Care
One of the reasons HPGR chose Formax was because of the great service provided. “The service has been very good and the response time quick,” Delisle said. Formax was able to provide them continued support throughout their transition of new equipment and ;worked with their building supervisor to make sure the installation process was seamless. When they opened their doors, everything was working properly.

When asked about their overall experience with Formax, Delisle said, “We’ve been very happy with Formax and would definitely recommend them.”

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