Case Study – Teamsters Local 633 Chooses Formax Direct for Quality and Service


Communicating with a membership of nearly 5,000 can be a challenge. Thankfully, the Teamsters Local 633 in Manchester has a range of Formax equipment to help make the job easier. The Local negotiates contracts for working conditions, pay equity, benefits and more for New Hampshire members in various industries including truck drivers, school principals, and public sector employees.


We recently spoke with Office Manger Estelle Votour, who’s been with the organization for more than 36 years. She oversees all the technical needs of the office, and explained how their Formax inserter, MFP and mail machine help things run smoothly.


Neopost DS-35 Inserter – Like another set of hands


Estelle said they process 1 to 2 large mailings a month, generally letters to members. She told us their Neopost DS-35 is ideal because it folds, inserts and seals, completing the entire job from start to finish. “It’s a really nice machine. Once you have one, it’s like having another pair of hands,” she said. Prior to leasing the inserter, they were folding and inserting by hand.


Sharp MX-M5050 – Scanning saves money


They use their Sharp MFP on a daily basis for copying, but it’s especially useful for scanning documents to email or individual folders.


Estelle told us she used to keep paper files of all the Local’s correspondence, as well as minutes from the monthly Executive Board Meeting. “Now I scan everything,” she said. “I do it by month, so if someone wants a document from last January, I can easily call it up.”


She no longer needs to create multiple paper files, which eliminates the cost of folders, Banker Boxes, and ultimately preserves her valuable time for other tasks.


Neopost IN600 – A true office workhorse


Office staff use the IN600 Mail Machine for daily mail, as well as monthly mailings of 800-1,000 pieces. Estelle said it’s beneficial in the office because “it doesn’t jam, and it’s really a workhorse, like all of the Formax equipment.”


Choosing Formax for all their Equipment – Dependable Service is Key


Prior to choosing Formax, the Local leased equipment from another NH company, but they couldn’t compete on price or dependable service. Estelle said the Formax Direct quick service turnaround is essential.


“When any of the machines are down, it disrupts the flow, so I appreciate that you send service people who are knowledgeable and get the job done,” she said. “If you don’t have a good service team, it can make or break you.”


Estelle said she’d recommend Formax for its quality equipment, dependable service and competitive pricing. “There’s no sense shopping around,” she said, “I’m very happy with my Formax products and service.”


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