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Formax Direct, powered by Sangoma, delivers the most reliable solution in the industry with options ranging from pure to on-premises cloud. The system features unparalleled value, quality, and scalability as it unifies your voice, video, fax, mobile, chat, and presence management into one platform. Our VoIP system provides the ultimate flexibility for today’s dynamic workspace. Our phones can be fully utilized whether you are in the office or working remotely, providing you with the adaptable and versatile solution that you need.

Reliable, Scalable Cloud Communications Solution

Experience a communications solution that streamlines and simplifies your operations. Business Voice is the ultimate cloud communications platform for any business in need of seamless, ultra-flexible connectivity. With Business Voice, your business can leverage the power of a complete, end-to-end system from an intuitive, browser-based interface. No hardware required!

The Hybrid Business Phone System Where Reliability & Flexibility Meet

Business Voice+ is Sangoma’s hybrid solution that provides the best of cloud-based and on-premise Unified Communications. Business Voice+ ensures unparalleled scalability, flexibility, and reliability for your business communications. This innovative solution is powered by Sangoma’s unique cloud architecture that includes our on-premise StarBox® and cloud-based network backbone components. Business Voice+ offers guaranteed 99.999% uptime, built-in business continuity, voice-optimized call routing, and controls for end-to-end communications support.

Unique Cloud Architectures

Unify communications with the platform that aligns best with your specific needs. Business Voice offers a complete cloud-based system, while Business Voice Plus offers the best of both worlds with a combined hardware and cloud-based solution.

Proprietary Network Backbone

Business Voice solutions run on our proprietary, private backbone and provides a redundant, reliable, and secure communications network for your mission-critical communications.

Multi-Location Flexibility

Optimize your operations whether you have one location or thousands. All phones are connected and operate as a single system allowing for direct extension dialing, seamless call transfers, ring groups, call queues, and more.

Easy to Use

Easily set up and maintain your communications processes with CommUnity. Make ad-hoc changes to the system’s IVR with it graphical IVR builder.

Intuitive Management

Business Voice solutions are user-friendly platforms that prioritizes the user experience with intuitive management controls. Users can navigate their critical communications tools with ease to stay connected, efficient, and productive.

Cut your Costs

There’s no need to buy another phone system when you can pay as you go with predictable monthly rates.

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