Childrens Museum Testimonial

Founded in 1983 in Portsmouth, the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire relocated to Dover in 2008. It offers a blend of art, science and cultural experiences for families. The Museum offers access to all children and families by minimizing barriers that prevent fair and meaningful educational and cultural opportunities. Since its inception, the Museum has served more than 2 million people from New Hampshire and beyond.  

Making The Move To Formax    

We talked with Sarah Strangas, Director of Finance and Human Resources at the Children’s Museum. When they first moved to Dover six years ago, the museum switched to Formax for their mailing solutions. They immediately reaped the benefits with a better lease rate and a more efficient mailing machine. Mailing out several hundred marketing pieces per month, in addition to their daily mailing, the museum has streamlined their process with the Neopost IN-360 mailing system.

Increased Productivity

Feeling pleased with Formax, when it came time for a new copier, The Children’s Museum decided to lease an MFP/Copier through Formax as well. For many years, the museum had been leasing a machine from another company. “Each time we would get to the renewal period, we had so many issues with the copier that we would be forced into signing a lease on a new copier,” she explained. “Even then, we had someone coming in on a weekly basis to try and fix some kind of jamming issue.”  With the museum’s growing staff, the copier was used more frequently and they were not able to function properly with the machine they had. Now that they’ve switched to a Sharp MX-2640N MFP/Copier they are able to accomplish so much more. “It’s been great,” Sarah said, “Plus, our new copier has a smaller footprint!”

In addition to increased productivity, the museum is saving money. “We were out-sourcing the printing before. Now we’re able to print professional, vivid, double-sided brochures and posters in-house which is saving us a lot of money and time,” Sarah told us.

Apart from printing, the museum’s staff also utilizes the Sharp E-Mail Connector feature. Integrated with Microsoft Exchange Server, they can scan and send their mission critical documents faster and in a more productive way.

Above and Beyond The Sale Of The Machine

Frustrated not only with the performance of the old machine, Sarah was unhappy with the company’s support. “There was no local representation. The only time I saw our sales person was because there was a change. They wouldn’t help with the machine or check in. They’d only contact me to try and sell a new machine. That was it.” Sarah’s experience has changed since partnering with Formax. “It’s like night and day,” she laughed. “I know I can reach Kyle, our sales representative, whenever I need to. He checks in to see how everything is going.” Sarah has also been pleased with the customer service. “It’s easy to get in touch with someone at Formax when I need to. Sarah Staples is great. I e-mail her when I need more toner or if I have any issues and she gets right back to me.” 

A Company You Can Rely On 

Sarah concluded by saying, “Working with Formax has been fabulous. The service has been prompt, when we’ve needed it. The sales and customer service support has been great and I would definitely recommend partnering with them. In fact, I have recommended them to many companies in the area!”

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