Case Study – D.F. Richard Explains Why They’re a Long-time Formax Customer

D.F. Richard Utilizes Formax Equipment
to Connect with Customers and the Community
When it comes to local family-run companies in Dover, NH, Formax isn’t alone. D.F. Richard Energy is a 90-year-old family business, and they’re one of our long-time customers.
D.F. Richard serves more than 14,000 customers in Southern Maine and Seacoast NH, providing propane gas, bioheat oil and a variety of heating and cooling services.
We spoke with Christine McCluskey, Customer Relations Manager, on the connections between D.F. Richard and the community, and how Formax products help them provide the excellent customer service for which they’re known.

Focused on Community

Founded in 1932, D.F. Richard prides itself on being an active member of the local community. “We try to do business locally, giving business to other local business like Formax, and working with our neighbors,” Christine said.

“We sponsor a lot of events that we feel our customers would be glad to see that we’re getting involved in. As long as they’re happy with our involvement, then they continue to support us as a business,” she said. She pointed to the Formax annual Kids Car Giveaway program and said,
“It’s good that hardy little New England companies like ours have the idea of giving back into the community as a foundation of their business.”

Connecting with Local Businesses and Customers

Utilizing a variety of Formax equipment helps them communicate and interact with their customers. Among these you’ll find a handful of Sharp MFPs, a Quadient IN600 mail machine, letter opener, and a shredder.
Christine said they appreciate how easy the Sharp MFPs are to use. With the graphics-based touchscreen display, they can easily print, copy and scan 1- and 2-sided documents.
The Sharp MFP reliability and Formax on-site service are just two of the reasons they’ve renewed their lease multiple times.
When it comes to mailings, they utilize an external company for larger print jobs, so their Quadient IN600 Mail Machine is used for
in-house mailings, including marketing pieces, accounts payable, and payroll.
Dependable Service and Equipment from a Respected Neighbor
Working with a local company like Formax, support is just a phone call away, and a service technician can easily be dispatched to provide service or deliver needed supplies.
Having such strong ties to the community, it’s clear to see D.F. Richard and Formax can look forward to a great connection long into the future.


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