OASIS Alignment Services Whiteboard Testimonial

We recently spoke with Ray Masse, President of OASIS Alignment Services in Rochester NH. OASIS purchased a 70″ Sharp Aquos Whiteboard in December of 2012 and has been using it on a regular basis since. We discussed a little bit about OASIS, why they purchased the whiteboard, what it replaced, how they are using it, and the sales and service support from Formax.

OASIS Alignment Services, Inc. is a company spanning North America with seven service facilities including one in Canada.  They precision align large industrial equipment from paper machines to components for aircraft. 

The initial intent for the Sharp Whiteboard was to replace their antiquated projector system for their quarterly board meetings and annual share holder meeting presentations. They wanted to replace the old projector system because it did not have the quality image they needed. They were looking for a better solution. The Sharp Whiteboard was the perfect answer for their needs and beyond. Ray stated that originally the staff was unsure of spending the money for the whiteboard but quickly reconsidered once they started using it “..now I think they would tell you without a doubt it was a worthwhile investment because we use it all the time”. The whiteboard enhances the presentations making them easier to read and follow, plus they are also able to use the pen tool to mark up or highlight specific parts of the data they are reviewing.

Software training is also much easier. With the projector there was a lot sliding the screen up and down and left and right to view the contents of the screen. With the Sharp whiteboard the entire screen fits on the monitor and looks like what the person on the other end is looking at, making for a more fluid training process. “Our CRM system uses a lot of space on the screen, it likes a wide screen for the columns of information. With the projector we were constantly scrolling up and down left and right, with the whiteboard it is a more realistic view of the software as it appears on a monitor.”

Another frequent use is when they want to discuss an issue or review data with a number of people in the office. They will go to the conference room to review it versus huddling around a small monitor looking over someone’s shoulder. “…the first reaction is always let’s go to the conference room and pull it up on the big screen.”

Ray said he would recommend a Sharp Whiteboard for anyone using an overhead projection system on a regular basis it is definitely a worthwhile investment.   He also went on to say that he was very happy with the sales and service support that Formax has provided. “They were able to turn the unit around quickly and have it set up so we could get it up and running for an upcoming board meeting. It was a painless transition, with limited time spent we were able to use it and use it well.”

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