Presstek Mailing System Testimonial

Presstek is an innovative company located in Hudson, NH. They offer printing products that are environmentally responsible and engineered to streamline print production processes, making it easier and more profitable for print providers to meet the increasing demand by their customers for high-quality, faster turnaround printing.

Competitive Pricing   

We had the pleasure to speak with Rick Arnold, Manager at Presstek. Looking for ways to save money, he was pleased when Formax offered a cost efficient solution for the company’s mailing needs. “Formax was very, very competitive against our other vendor to the point where they bought out our lease and were able to supply equipment under contract with another lease on the Hasler equipment. It’s been quite a savings,” Arnold said.

Along with saving money, Presstek has saved time using the IM6000 Mailing System and the M5500 Inserter for their invoicing, advertising and marketing needs.

Service You Can Count On  

When asked about the service Arnold said, “One of the big issues we were having with our other vendor was on the service end. Every time we had a problem with our equipment we had to call the 800 number and you never knew if you were going to get someone over seas or here and it would take a long time for a representative to show up. Now, with Formax, we call the number, they’re local, and we’re talking to a person, not a machine. It’s been very pleasant.”

Updated Equipment  

Arnold explained that the IM6000 has definitely been an upgrade from what Presstek had been using. “The Hasler equipment has a nice touchscreen and everything is controlled through that. Our old equipment was difficult to navigate through so this is much better.” Arnold added, “The service technicians at Formax were able to help us program the M5500 inserter so that we can manage different applications. Before, on our old equipment, if we had multiple sheets we did not know how to manage it so that was very time consuming.” Presstek improved efficiency by being able to set up different trays to do different jobs.

Cost savings, sales and service – Presstek highly recommends using Formax for outstanding mailing solutions.

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