Case Study: Savant HCM Utilizes High-Volume Formax Equipment


Savant HCM, located in Nashua, NH, provides payroll, tax filing, HR data management, and other services. Some of their clients, like McDonald’s and Dunkin’, have multiple franchise locations nationwide, so it’s imperative to get payroll processed and shipped to each location on time.

We spoke with Savant’s Distribution Manager Danielle Beaudin about the processing challenges they face and how Formax was able to help.

Printing Challenges & Solutions

Printing 20,000 to 40,000 payroll checks per week demands reliable and robust printing capabilities. Danielle told us their previous machine was no longer up to the task, plus their equipment dealer switched ownership, leading to issues with service availability.

To help with their printing needs, they chose two high-volume MFPs from Formax: the Sharp M1056 and the RISO GD9630. Danielle said the Sharp has incredible print clarity, and the RISO is “insanely fast.” She told us how during W-2 season they had the RISO running day after day, printing up to 6,000 W-2 forms per hour!

Mailing Challenges & Solutions

In addition to payroll, they frequently mail agency checks, child support payments, and collection letters. Prior to working with the Quadient iX-5 Mail Machine, they had a small postage meter which couldn’t handle the volume.

Danielle said, “I used to hand stamp thousands upon thousands of W-2s, so putting them through the iX-5 is magic!” She said some projects require mailing on a specific date, and with the iX-5’s integrated automatic label dispenser she can get a batch of envelopes prepped ahead of time and print postage labels with a future date.

Dependable On-Site Service

With such high volume, it’s not uncommon for machines to need service from time to time. Danielle said she has a good relationship with the Formax Dispatch and Service Team. If a machine is down, a technician is on-site within hours, and during the busy W-2 season they ensure that she has enough toner on hand to keep her jobs running smoothly.

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