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Kirk-Rudy KR600 Newspaper Inserter

Use the KR600 to insert 4 page advertisements up to full size newspapers and tabloids.

The KR600 newspaper inserter is designed for small to mid-volume operations where ease of use, flexibility and reliability are needed. It’s expandable to 16 inserts and is available with interchangeable rotary or shuttle feeders making it capable of handling most types of inserts.

CPLC control simplifies operator training and setup while also providing productivity enhancing features. Accuracy is ensured using mis-feed detection and downstream feeder inhibit while an optional inline divert gate removes non-conforming product.

New features such as pocket priority and backup ensure critical inserts never miss. The KR600 can also be equipped with a PC interface for zoning applications and is ideally suited for applications that require frequent and rapid changeover.

Optional “on the fly” feeder timing further improves productivity by reducing setup time.

For in-line folding, use with the optional KR516 Quarter Folder.

Key Features
  • PLC based control system
  • Interchangeable rotary and shuffle feeders
  • DFD Drive System
  • Pocket priority and backup
  • On-the-fly control of insert delivery