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OnSite FD 87SSD Multimedia Office Shredder

The FD 87SSD OnSite Multimedia Office Shredder is designed for the modern technological world. It easily shreds mobile phones, SSDs, mini tablets, USBs, SD cards and more. It’s whisper-quiet, making it ideal for the office environment. Plus, it operates on standard 120V power and features heavy-duty casters so it doesn’t need a dedicated power outlet or location.

Commercial-grade features include a user-friendly LED control panel, a sturdy all-metal cabinet on casters, solid steel cutting blades, and a rugged chain-driven motor. Three unique enclosed infeed options allow users to safely shred a variety of media
up to 6.5” wide. With its commercial-grade construction and features, the FD 87SSD sets the standard for safety and security.

Key Features
  • Shreds mobile phones, mini tablets, SSDs, USBs, CDs
  • 3 dedicated infeeds
  • Chain-driven AC-geared motor
  • LED Control Panel
  • Uses standard 120V power
  • All-metal cabinet on casters