VoIP Communication

A Full Spectrum Communications Solution Built For Any-Sized Business

Formax Direct powered by Star2Star delivers the most reliable solution in the industry with options ranging from pure to on-premises cloud. The system features unparalleled value, quality, and scalability as it unifies your voice, video, fax, mobile, chat, and presence management into one platform. Our VoIP system provides the ultimate in flexibility for today’s dynamic workspace. Our phones can be fully utilized whether you are in the office or working remotely, providing you the adaptable and versatile solution that you need.


Unique Cloud Architectures

Unify communications with the platform
that aligns best with your specific needs.

Advanced Call Center

Elevate the customer experience with
advanced call routing, management,
and reporting.

Video Conferencing

Minimize travel expenses while you
communicate face-to-face.


Enhance your fax capabilities, with or
without a traditional fax machine.

Instant Messaging

Multitask and stay productive without
picking up your phone.

StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN Family

Keep your business connected with
unrivaled connectivity.

Mobile: StarPhone™

Empower your remote workforce with tools
that keep them in constant contact.


Prioritize Your Communications With The Power Of SD-WAN


Seamless, Single Number Service and

StarDaaS™ Virtual Workspace

Welcome To Your Virtual Workspace

Disaster Recovery

Maintain communications in the most dire
situations like power, telephone, or Internet

Communications Enablement Platform: StarContact™ and StarPaaS™

Connect, customize, and unify your
communications with turnkey and
customized integrations to major platforms
like Salesforce.

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