Formax Direct Introduces the FD 87 Plasti Shredder

JANUARY ’21: Formax Direct introduces the new FD 87 Plasti Shredder, which features a specially designed dual-blade system to handle plastic sheets, laminated cards, paper and more. The cutting system uses a strip cut blade in conjunction with a spiral blade to ensure efficient shredding while avoiding jams. The solid steel blades are heat-treated and specially ground for longevity and minimal maintenance.

The FD 87 Plasti features an easy-to-use LED control panel which puts commercial-grade power right at your fingertips. Additional standard features include a steel cabinet with heavy-duty casters, lifetime guaranteed waste bin, and a powerful AC geared-motor ensure years of reliable performance and information security in your office environment. In addition, the ECO Mode saves energy by automatically switching into standby mode after 5 minutes of inactivity.

The FD 87 Plasti is the ideal solution to take on hard-to-shred data, with user-friendly features and commercial-grade durability.

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