USPS Rate Changes Effective 7/9/23


The USPS is raising postage rates, including a 3-cent increase in the price of a First Class Mail Forever Stamp.

These new rates take effect July 9, 2023.

Here's a summary of the new prices:

USPS rates, effective July 9, 2023
Product Current Price New Price
First Class Letter, metered, 1 oz. $0.60 $0.63
First Class Letter, stamped, 1 oz. $0.63 $0.66
Domestic Postcard $0.48 $0.51
International Postcard $1.45 $1.50
First Class International Letter, 1 oz. $1.45 $1.50

The price change tables are also available on the Postal Service’s Postal Explorer website at

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