IM-35 Envelope Opener

Key Features
  • 3 levels of extraction
  • Easily processes mixed mail
  • No pre-sorting necessary
  • Envelopes up to 4mm thick

Technology once only for large corporations now is affordable for any business. Introducing the first desktop letter opener extractor on the market - IM-35! Processing mixed mail sizes and extracting the contents for immediate processing.

The IM-35 slits each envelope on 3 sides, extracts the contents and presents them to you on a tray. Checks, for example, can instantly be seen, collected and processed. All with peace of mind knowing your documents will never be damaged due to a cutting of the contents.

  • 3 levels of extraction - auto, semi-auto, and letter opener mode/ no extraction
  • Mixed mail processing without pre-sorting
  • Processes up to 4mm thick
  • Contents of envelope remain confidential