660P Hydraulic Cutter

660P Cutter
Key Features
  • Digital eye-level readout
  • Illuminated optical cut line
  • Anti-friction surface
  • Programmable memory

The 660P Hydraulic Cutter is constructed of solid cast-iron and powerful hydraulics for long-lasting performance. Accuracy and ease-of-use are ensured by special features such as an eye-level readout that shows paper position in inches or millimeters on a large digital display.

Its solid cast-iron frame and powerful hydraulics enable the 660P to meet rigorous demands. Additional features include an illuminated optical cutting line; a foot-powered clamp for cutting difficult stock; false clamp plates to protect super-sensitive stock; and a special "anti-friction surface" that allows trouble-free handling of all types of paper stocks. Programmable memory stores up to 72 cut locations and 9 job selections.