Quadient Architect

Quadient Architect
Key Features
  • Maintain address accuracy
  • Achieve the best postage rates
  • Easy-to-use wizards
  • Integrated toolbar

Integrated Mail Preparation and Address Correction Software

Architect is a powerful software solution that helps you maintain the accuracy of your address data while achieving the best postage rates.

Comprehensive Contact Data Quality

Architect seamlessly integrates with Neopost USA’s output management software to enhance your document preparation process and gain ultimate operational efficiency.

  • Utilizes USPS® CASS Certified™ for address validation
  • Includes USPS PAVE™ certified postal presorting for best postage rates
  • Offers real-time Move Update and NCOA updates to ensure that your  communications reach their intended recipients
  • Integrates with Neopost USA’s output management software
  • Offers optional EasyTrack mail stream monitoring service which provides real-time visibility of your mail as it passes through the USPS® mail stream