Parcel Pending Standard Secure Parcel Lockers

Parcel Pending parcel lockers
Place parcel in secure locker. Recipient receives notification of delivery via email/SMSRecipient enters one-time PIN codeDoor opens for package retrieval
Key Features
  • Secure package pick-up/drop-off
  • Contactless delivery option
  • Available to all carriers
  • Flexible configurations
  • Convenient 24/7 access
  • Email or text notification

Customers today expect a seamless delivery experience that relies on security, convenience, and timeliness. With the steady rise in delivery, thanks to the e-commerce boom, managing the growing influx of parcels can be overwhelming.

Integrating Quadient's Parcel Lockers into your location will facilitate your parcel process by removing constraints from high-volumes of parcel deliveries and returns. Our parcel locker's easy-to-use interface enables you to track parcels and notify recipients of delivery in real-time.

Package pick-up takes seconds, and lockers can be accessed 24/7 for convenient self-service pick-up.

Reduce labor: Fewer resources required for parcel management, distribution, and pick-up.

Secure: An automatic log is kept of every drop-off and pick-up for full chain-of-custody visibility. Sturdy steel lockers keep all contents safe.

Convenient: No more waiting for the mail center to open. Packages are available for easy retrieval 24/7.

Customizable: Add your company's logo and adjust the size of the lockers based on the space and needs of your location.

Automated parcel process

Parcel Pending Standard Parcel Locker

The Parcel Pending by Quadient Standard Parcel Locker provides an automated workflow to facilitate the package delivery and return process - from home delivery and C&C for retailers, to pick-up and drop-off (PUDO) automation for carriers. If you experience a high to mid-level volume of parcel deliveries and returns, incorporating an electronic parcel locker system into your workflow will remove constraints, freeing up time and space for a more organized package process.

Intuitive touchscreen interface

Parcel Pending Standard Parcel Locker

The Standard model includes an integrated, easy-to-use touchscreen interface. Via the touchscreen, users are met with intuitive package delivery, retrieval, and return process. All parcels are securely stored within the lockers and require a custom pin entry code to open. You can also scan the barcode provided in the parcel pick-up notification. For any returns made to the parcel locker, the process is just as simple -creating a convenient, user-friendly process.

Optimize your parcel locker

Parcel Pending Standard Parcel Locker

Quadient Parcel Locker Solutions utilize open APIs that smoothly integrate into your existing systems. Thanks to our dedicated professional service resources, we can provide a tailored integration to match your specific requirements. Utilizing our web portal, you will have full visibility into locker use, dashboard personalization, and full Business Intelligence (BI) reporting capabilities.