MX-SW100 Print Release Software

MX-SW100 Print Release Software
Key Features
  • On-demand print release
  • Secure confidential information
  • ID card swipe for authentication
  • Flexible options on MFP touchscreen
  • Set permissions, manage users

The MX-SW100 software is an ideal tool for workgroups in any organization seeking to balance the often-conflicting demands for increased security, user convenience, and cost reduction. MX-SW100 print release software is a low-cost and user-friendly solution. Integrating with Microsoft Active Directory® or local database, it is designed for IT administrators to implement a print release solution throughout the organization.

Key Features Include:

  • On-demand print release to secure confidential information
  • Print release from any connected and supported Sharp MFP
  • ID card swipe to facilitate authentication process
  • Flexible print setting and finishing option on the MFP touch screen