Striata eDelivery

Striata eDelivery
Key Features
  • Increases customer adoption of paperless bills
  • Efficient, cost-effective customer experience
  • Secure attachments sent directly to customers
  • Interactive electronic documents

Provide paperless customer communication solutions that offer the highest level of efficiency and an enhanced customer experience.

Striata Secure Electronic Document delivery successfully drives digital adoption

Striata Secure Electronic Document Delivery is a set of software applications and integration methodologies designed to reduce paper output and the associated printing and postage costs. This solution replaces high volume, system generated paper documents that are typically printed and delivered by mail, with functionally rich electronic documents, delivered as secure attachments, directly to customer email inboxes. These include statements, bills, invoices, collection notices, policies, letters, contracts and regulatory compliance documents.

The eDocument is designed as an exact replica of the paper that it replaces, but with optional, additional, interactive functionality, such as intuitive navigation, pre-populated application forms, feedback submission, embedded data and opinion polls or surveys. Striata provides a cost effective, alternative delivery channel that augments eBIlling portals and complements corporate digital communication strategies, with the significant additional benefits of achieving paper reduction.