Key Features
  • Manage preparation and delivery of business communications
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easily retrieve archived documents
  • Secure cloud-based portal
  • Monitor with detailed online reports

Online document management solution, designed for small & medium sized businesses, manages the preparation, delivery and archiving of business communications.

NeoPreference, the SME's solution for Automated Customer Communications

  • Automate your processes and simply turn your documents into professional communications
  • Use a single tool to deliver both physical and digital communications
  • Ensure all documents are processed consistently
  • Track the status of your communications in your web portal
  • Use legal Cloud archiving for your documents (up to 11 years)
  • Traceability: know when your recipients download the files you sent them
Neopost document management software

The Perfect Tool for Businesses Transitioning From Paper Mail to Digital Communication

As business communications become increasingly digitised, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are under growing pressure to manage both physical and electronic channels. According to recent research we conducted, there appears to be a considerable lack of knowhow when it comes to managing outgoing communications effectively, resulting in time-wasting, human error and a lack of traceability.

neoPreference has been designed to streamline document management by simplifying, automating and centralising the preparation, delivery and archiving of both physical and digital documents, driving processing efficiency and consistent customer experience.