Kirk-Rudy KR521 Envelope Inserting System

Kirk-Rudy KR521 Envelope Inserting System
Key Features
  • Heavy-duty for production environments
  • Add up to 9 inserting stations
  • Semi-automatic lubricating system
  • Handles envelopes from #10 to 10" x 13"
  • Water misting system

Inserts products into large envelopes with ease.

Originally designed for the 9”x12” inserter market, the KR521 is flexible enough to handle most other sizes as well. From open end flaps, to long side flaps, even overnight letter envelopes, this engineering marvel is built to perform.

The KR521 runs continuously to reduce maintenance costs and down-time. Up to 9 stations can be added. The open design features a semi-automatic lubrication system, envelope flap detection circuit, remote jog switch, and water misting sytem for moistening flaps,

Using Kirk-Rudy’s highly reliable KR324 Shuttle Feeders to deliver inserts to the lugged transport belt, the KR521 delivers a consistent, smooth, and safe work flow. The envelope flap opening section utilizes a pinch roller/plow assembly combined with a compressed air blast to positively open every flap.

The KR521 is modular in design and is compatible with other Kirk-Rudy equipment such as turn-over units, in-line labelers, inkjet printers, friction feeders, sorters, stackers and conveyors.