Kirk-Rudy KolorJet Inkjet Addressing System

Kirk-Rudy KolorJet Inkjet Addressing System
Key Features
  • High speed variable color printing
  • CMYK process capability
  • 4 printheads (1 per color)
  • 4.25" print area
  • Up to 500 fpm
  • Dye-based inks
  • Auto switching 775ml ink containers for each color

Excellent color print quality at high speeds up to 500 fpm

Increase promotional effectiveness and response rates with high-speed, high-quality, variable color added to envelopes and Web printed pages. Produce color images, graphics, and variable data at 600 dpi (600 x 300 dpi optimized from 300 x 300 input) at 500 fpm with four 4.25″ print heads.

Powered by HP thermal inkjet technology, the KolorJet is an affordable option for adding process color especially versus stand alone equipment. Plus you save time and money with automatic maintenance and low processing costs. The KolorJet has a modular design to easily integrate with your existing equipment and workflow.

The KolorJet uses water-based (aqueous) inks for optimum performance on porous surfaces only. (Not suitable for coated surfaces).


  • Consistent print quality with little down time
  • Auto aligning & self servicing printheads do not require operator intervention and offer optimal color registration
  • More affordable than competition when all operating costs are considered, low cost of always new printheads
  • Allows for flexible placement of imprinting capability