Automated Temperature Screening AI Kiosk

Automated Temperature Screening AI Kiosk
Key Features
  • Automated Temperature Screenings
  • Enhanced AI Facial Recognition
  • Tabletop or freestanding models available
  • Monitor real-time screenings from iPad or iPhone
  • HIPAA Compliant Cloud

The Formax ATS Automated Temperature Screening AI Kiosk is a vital tool to monitor and keep staff, visitors, and workplaces a safe environment. Wi-Fi connectivity and plug-and-play setup make the process easy. Operators can customize settings right from the device, monitor in real time, and manage up to 255 devices from one PC.

How it works:

  • Approach non-contact temperature screening kiosk
  • Stop within 3 feet of the screen for ~1 second
  • Instant temperature, face mask confirmation, employee facial recognition, & notifications

Features include:

  • High-definition LCD display with operating temperatures of 41° F - 122° F
  • Built-in, non-contact, high-precision German thermal imaging module with temperature detection range between 90° F - 110° F, and accuracy of +/- 0.5° F
  • Human body temperature detection, superimposed display, 100 ms fast identification
  • Facial recognition, temperature check, and mask recognition allow for identity verification
  • Provides email and SMS notifications upon detection of above-normal temperature
  • Protective closure IP65 - dust and waterproof
  • Identification, time, and body temperature can be recorded for auditing reporting
  • Supports Wiegand protocol, can be plugged directly into access control systems
  • Hardware interface options, integrated 100M Ethernet interface, audio interface, Wiegand interface, relay interface, TF card, USB and other interfaces
  • Recognition height: 4.0 - 7.2 ft    Distance: ~1.6 ft    Face angle: 30°
  • FACE++ deep learning algorithm, extremely reliable facial recognition and temperature detection
  • Identification method: Near-infrared detection, embedded light AI facial recognition, adapts to most environments, subject can be in motion
  • SDK support for secondary development of application software on the device side