New Formax FD 90 Rotary Perforator / Creaser

September, 2015

DOVER, NH, SEPTEMBER ’15: Formax Direct introduces the FD 90 Rotary Perforator/Creaser, specially designed for finishing printed sheets. Perforating allows for easy separation of multiple documents, tear-offs, postcards or tickets printed on a single sheet, while creasing provides for easy folding and reduces unsightly cracking of digitally printed pieces.

The FD 90 utilizes a three-tire friction feeding system to reliably feed up to 6,800 sheets per hour, and can create up to 5 parallel perforations and/or creases in a single pass.

Operation is easy: simply load printed sheets on the extendable infeed table, adjust the side guides and press the power button. Sheets are fed and perforated and/or creased automatically then stacked neatly on the telescoping outfeed table. The FD 90 can easily accommodate paper weights from 55-180gsm, in sizes up to 13.8” x 19”.

The standard set-up includes upper and lower perforating wheels and a creasing wheel. Options include additional perforating wheels, creasing wheels, 17tpi micro-perforating wheels for fine gauge perforations, and guide strips to accommodate 55-60gsm paper.

The FD 90 is ideal for small print shops, on-demand and in-plant operations finishing applications including postcards, invitations, tickets, tear-offs, billing statements, tri-fold brochures, and more.

Formax Direct has been a leading reseller and servicing dealer in the New England area for more than 20 years, representing the complete Formax product line along with a number of top mailing equipment lines. The quality and expansiveness of the Neopost/Hasler product line is a perfect fit to the Formax Direct offerings.