Formax Direct Introduces Two New Cut-True Cutters

March, 2014

MARCH ’14: Formax announces the addition of two new Cut-True guillotine cutters to its line of Digital Print & Finishing Solutions. Standard features include a high-quality hardened steel blade, LED Cutting Line for accuracy, user-friendly controls, an all-metal stand with storage shelf, blade changing safety tool, and a variety of safety features.

The Cut-True 27A Automatic Programmable Paper Cutter offers precision cutting with intuitive controls for sheets up to 18.9” wide. The touchscreen control panel allows users to program up to 99 jobs, with up to 30 cuts each. Adjusting the back gauge is simplified by using the control panel or the electronic hand wheel. Dual-button operation engages both the automatic clamp and the hardened steel blade.

For safety and convenience, the 27A has an infrared light beam safety curtain which shuts down operation when the light plane is interrupted. With the capacity to cut paper stacks up to 3.15” high, the 27A also features an LED Cutting Line which allows operators to make fine adjustments and see exactly where the blade will cut.

The Cut-True 27S Semi-Automatic Paper Cutter cuts through stacks up to 3.15” high, up to 18.9” wide as well. User-friendly features include electronically-controlled two-hand operation and an automatic paper clamp in place of a manual hand crank. The spindle-guided back gauge, accurate to within .01”, is easily adjusted and the LED digital readout provides added precision. The 27S also includes the LED Cutting Line for precise cutting.

Each of the new cutters includes the following safety features: transparent rear cover, blade lock, external blade depth adjustment, easy blade change access from the front of the cutter, and a wooden paper push for safe alignment.

Formax Cut-True 27A and 27S Cutters are an ideal solution for transforming brochures, invitations and more, with professional, accurate cutting.

Formax Direct has been a leading reseller and servicing dealer in the New England area for more than 20 years, representing the complete Formax product line along with a number of top mailing equipment lines. The quality and expansiveness of the Hasler/Neopost product line is a perfect fit to the Formax Direct offerings.