Formax Direct Introduces the Morgana SFT SquareFold Trimmer Module

March, 2020

DOVER, NH: Formax Direct introduces the new Morgana SFT SquareFold Trimmer Module, a compact, powerful unit that transforms booklets by squaring the binding and trimming all three sides. Getting professional results from an existing staple-and-fold booklet finisher has never been easier. It’s the perfect complement to print shops, in-plant print finishing operations and offices that want the look and feel of a perfect-bound book, at a fraction of the cost.

Using the Morgana SFT is easy: choose the trim and square settings on the touchscreen control panel, insert a booklet, and in seconds, the finished booklet is ready. The SFT creates full-bleed booklets in an operator-assisted process, trimming all three unbound edges. With squaring and trimming functions combined in one machine, it’s ideal for short-run and quick-turn jobs.

Rugged cutting blades trim the booklets, producing clean, smooth edges. The heavy-duty square fold mechanism works on a variety of paper stocks and sizes, giving them the finished look of a perfect-bound book. Squarebacked booklets lie flat, making them easier to package, ship and store, with the added option of printing on the spine.

The Morgana SFT has the ability to process booklets from 5” x 4.15” up to 12.6” x 12.2”. It can handle booklets of up to 50 stapled and folded sheets / 200 page booklets of 20# bond sheets, up to 20,000 per month.           

A graphics-based color touchscreen guides users through setup and operation, making it easy for operators of any skill level. It also features a counter for accuracy, and the ability to store custom jobs for quick recall. The belt-driven outfeed conveyor neatly stacks finished booklets for easy removal.

The Morgana SFT is the perfect solution for print shops or offices looking to produce booklets with a crisp, professional finish, without breaking the bank.

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