Formax Direct Introduces the FlashCard Business Card Cutter

October, 2020

Formax Direct is pleased to introduce an industry breakthrough: the FlashCard Business Card Cutter. The FlashCard is the first economical, high-quality, on-demand business card cutter on the market today. This compact, all-metal tabletop cutter allows users to quickly produce small batches of business cards, on-demand, and replaces the discontinued FD 120 Card Cutter.

Ideal for print shops, small businesses, and schools, the FlashCard works well in conjunction with an MFP or digital printer. Simply print business cards 10-up on a sheet, then process through the cutter. In just 60 seconds, you’ll have up to 144 business cards, with crisp, professionally-cut edges.

Setup and operation is quick and easy, using the LCD control panel and 5 pre-programmed job settings. Users can also save up to 11 custom jobs. The infeed tray uses an automatic friction feeder, and handles up to 40 sheets of 200gsm paper at a time, in sizes up to 8.5” x 14”. It features self-sharpening blades that require no maintenance, and has the ability to process coated, uncoated, and laminated sheets, up to 350gsm.

The FlashCard works with 3 heavy duty quick-change cutting cassettes: the 3.5” cassette is included with the machine, while the 7” and 8” cassettes are available separately. Additional features include an adjustable catch tray which accommodates a variety of finished card sizes, and registration mark recognition for increased accuracy.

The compact, rugged FlashCard offers a simple, affordable solution for on-demand business card production.

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