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Folding paper by hand is a tedious, inefficient task that can be automated by an easy to use and cost-effective Formax folder. A complete line of Formax folders is available to meet your needs, from desktop to production-level capacities. Six friction feed desktop folders are ideal for the office environment, while our air-feed, heavy duty FD 390 models are capable of handling the most demanding jobs.

The FD 38X, FD 382 and FD 342 folders offer unmatched features such as our unique, dedicated multi-sheet feeder capable of folding up to four sheets of stapled or unstapled paper at one time. A high-capacity, telescoping conveyor allows users to fill the 500-sheet feeder, press start and walk away. The FD 382 and FD 38X combine these features with intuitive, fully automatic fold adjustments to make even first time users comfortable with its setup and operation. In addition, the FD 38X offers AutoStackā„¢ Output Stacker Wheels.

The FD 3200 Air Suction Folder is fully automated, compact and quiet making it ideal for the office environment. Air suction technology is designed to overcome static electricity in digital prints, and provide enhanced feeding. Automatic fold adjustments, automatic paper size detection and a speed of up to 260 sheets per minute make this a powerful folder with a small footprint.

The FD 320 folder is an economical solution for automating paper folding. Removable fold plates, capability of processing up to 11″ x 17″ paper, combined with an easy to use drop-in feed system make the FD 320 an ideal solution for schools, churches and other small organizations.

The FD 312 is a compact solution for low-volume applications. Clearly marked fold plates, push-button controls and drop-in feed system provide for easy set-up and operation, right out of the box. With its compact size, the FD 312 offers just the right combination of durability and value.